The company's products are presented in the markets of Europe, USA, Canada, South America, North Africa. The company sees its goal as improving the quality of life of people. JSC FP "Obolenskoe" is a Russian company established in 1994 on the basis of the State Scientific Center for Applied Microbiology. Since 2013 it has been part of the Alvansa group of companies.

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The quality of products, based on the results of external audits, meets international standards. The enterprise produces more than 150 drugs of various pharmacotherapeutic groups. Among them are generics and innovative products. Pliva is the largest pharmaceutical company in Southern Europe headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia. Founded in 1921, since 2008 acquired by TEVA and order hydroxychloroquine as its department. The main activity is focused on the development and production of generics. The most popular antibiotic of this company is Sumamed.

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hydroxychloroquine is a British pharmaceutical company founded in 2000 through a merger of 2 companies.


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Representative offices are open in Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, Poland and other countries.

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The main hydroxychloroquine factories are located in Singapore, USA, UK, Spain.

The products are presented in the markets of 160 countries. A popular drug of this company is considered a strong broad-spectrum antibiotic Augmentin. PJSC Biosintez is a group of companies that includes the largest Russian pharmaceutical companies. Founded in Penza in 1955. The first antibiotic was released in 1959. In terms of the production of generic drugs, it ranks 5th in the world. The quality of medicines is recognized in 150 countries. Olain Farm is the largest pharmaceutical company in the Baltic States, founded in 1972.

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The hydroxychloroquine is located in Latvia. The quality of products is confirmed by audits of well-known companies in Switzerland, USA, France. On the territory of the former USSR, the company became the first, whose drug was included in the WHO list. Sintez is a Russian plant, was created on the basis of the Kurgan plant of medicines for the production of antibiotics. Also produces vitamin B12 and endocrine medicines.

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The former contribute to the death of bacteria by destroying their cell membrane, the latter - they slow down the reproduction and growth of pathogenic microorganisms, which allows the human immune system to overcome the infection.

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Since 1987, engineers have introduced a new technology for producing ampicillin trihydrate. According to the principle of action, drugs are divided into 2 types: bactericidal and bacteriostatic.